A Year Through 'The Curated Closet'- An Introduction to My Personal Style Journey


My personal journey in fashion is probably similar to most people.

I kind of know what I like, I kind of know what I don't, and I probably buy too much of what I don't need- because bargains! But recently, I've been having this thought that my relationship with clothes needed to change (pun unintended).

I've always had an interest in fashion- but never took the time to hone in my personal style. The pattern would look like this:

  • Shop at T.J. Maxx, Forever 21, or the thrift store
  • Check the price tag and put back anything over $30
  • Justify buying cheap clothes solely based on price
  • End up with an overstuffed closet full of things I only half-liked
  • Donate clothes I don't wear and repeat

Oh, and there's something else you should know about me- comfort determines 96.859% of what I decide to wear in the morning. Strangely though, I'd buy things that were slightly too tight, too itchy, too ______ because of price, style, or some other factor, blatantly ignoring the fact that I knew I would never wear that item.

And while I have learned some self-control over the years, I still fall into the trap of cheap clothes and impulse buys to the point where my closet is more stuffed then it needs to be.

Which brings me to 'The Curated Closet' by Anuschka Rees. It's just what I need to give me that push into curating a wardrobe that both fits my personal style and my need of comfort.

So come along with me on my journey and let's see where this takes us!